Racing Format Applies to each of the 3 classes

In each class there is a maximum of 48 drivers.

For each class there is 1 minute qualifying which seeds into 6 x 8 x 3minute heats, the fastest 8 into the A group, second 8 fastest into the B group etc for the C, D, E and F heats.
After the heats the top 8 drivers will contest the overall final for the overall Champion. The top 8 Main grade drivers will contest the Main grade final for Champion Main grade driver. (Main grade includes Clubman grade).

There will be an allocated time for cars to be scrutineered prior to racing. Cars will be held in ‘Parc Ferme’ at all times. The exception to this is for drivers qualifying for the Overall or Main grade finals. They will have their cars returned for a 30 minute service break and must be re-scrutineered and returned to Parc Ferme within this 30 minutes. Their chosen starting lane will be available for testing during this 30 minute period.

Drivers have 1 minute to record their fastest lap which will determine their heat position. Drivers will run in a set order which is determined from the latest Ranking list as published on the BSCRA web site, the lowest ranked driver running first, up to the highest ranked driver running last. Should 2 or more drivers record the same time, then the ‘tie break’ is on the second fastest lap etc. until resolved (the Lapmaster Race Control system records all times for this purpose).

Heat racing
The first heat to run will be the F group of drivers with the fastest driver in the group starting on Red lane, 2nd fastest on White lane, down to the 8th fastest starting on Black lane. There will be 1 minute warm up time prior to the heat starting. Each segment runs for 3 minutes with a 1 minute lane changeover time. Total for all 8 segments will count towards overall finish. Marshalls for the F group will be the drivers in the A group, then marshalls for the E group will be the F group drivers etc.

When all heats are completed the top 8 drivers will contest a final for the year’s Champion driver, which will run over 8 x 4 minute segments. This final could include Main grade or Clubman grade drivers. There will also be a final for the top 8 Main grade or Clubman grade drivers, who have not qualified for the overall final, also over 8 x 4 minute segments. This will determine the year’s Champion Main grade driver. In both finals drivers will choose the lane on which they start from those available, starting with the fastest to choose first and the 8th fastest getting the last lane left.