2012 Champions on

“The Monster”

Production - Overall

Greg Harwood (225.65)

Main Grade

Mike Roe (209.01)


C’pher Aldridge (206.46)

Formula 2 - Overall

Paul Shepherd (132.94)

Main Grade

Will Stemman (125.54)


Chris Clements (112.08)

Club Team Champions

Leicester (1606.11)

Venue - Holiday Inn, Geddington Road,

Corby, NN18 8ET


Saturday 15 July - Track set up (from 3.00 a.m.)

Saturday 15 July - Individual Super Production and F2

Sunday 16 July - National Club Team Championship


Saturday’s racing is open to BSCRA members of any grade.

Sunday’s racing is open teams of 4 BSCRA members of any grade.  Only BSCRA registered clubs are eligible for the National Club Team Champion title.


Saturday’s racing is for 1/32 Super Production and F2 cars to BSCRA rules. Super Production cars may be either Super Wasp or Falcon powered. INTRO 32 cars to BSCRA rules (which of course means they must be Falcon powered) may be used in the Super Production race.

Sunday’s racing is for cars to 1/32 Club Team Championship rules. (Note the cars are Group 12 powered open chassis cars with sports/GT bodies)

Registration and payment of Entry Fees now available from the menu above.

Holiday Inn,

Geddington Rd,


NN18 8ET

A big ‘Thank You’ to our sponsors - K-Slotcar for Formula 2 and SCD for the Team Race.

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July 15th - 16th 2017
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1/32nd Production Challenge Formula 2 and National Club Team Championship