Brits @ ISRA 2017

from the British angle.

No less than 21 UK drivers are competing in this year’s event (something of a record ?). Some are old hands and some are competing for the very first time. Good luck to them all.

Here I aim to give updates, mainly from the British point of view as the week’s racing progresses.

  • Local time in Sulmona
  • Local time in London

What happens when?

With 4 racing classes spaced over 8 days, here is the published schedule. Let’s hope they can keep to it !!
There will be some long days – and nights….


Drivers to watch

The World’s top 5 drivers, from left to right – Jaroslav Recek (CZ), Antonin Vojtik (CZ), Vladimir Horky (CZ), Janis Nobokins (Latvia) and Piero Castricone (Italy).


Basic Format

Here is a quick run down of the racing formats, for those new to Worlds racing.

Production 1/24 Race Procedure
All teams will use ‘handout’ motors, tyres and bodyshells.
Team/Driver Seeding
The production race is a 2 person team race, with each team member driving equal amounts. The race shall run as two stages: qualifying and groups. The ranking of the teams is based on the ISRA drivers’ ranking. The best ranking of the two drivers is used.
The qualifying starts with the team with highest ranking number, then the next highest and so on.
Qualifying is run over 1 minute where the team with the longest distance covered wins. Each member of a team must drive 30 seconds with a 15 seconds stop for driver change. Total laps determine the order for heats.
Heat Racing.
Each group consists of 8 segments. Each segment is 7 1/2 minutes staring with the 8 teams with the lowest total from qualifying.
After each group, a team’s finishing position will be a result of the sum of the laps completed in the heat plus  the laps from qualification. The overall Champions are the team with the highest total.

Sprint Racing

For the Sprint race classes – 1/32nd Eurosport, 1/32nd Formula 1 and 1/24th Eurosport – the format is the same.
Qualifying is run over 1 minute per driver, starting with the lowest ranked driver (numerically) and finishing with the highest. His/her fastest lap time is taken as qualification, in the event of a tie then the next fastest will be the tie-breaker.
Heats are then run, consisting of 8 x 3 minute segments, starting with the lowest ranked 8 drivers from qualification, up to the top 8 in the last heat. The top 24 drivers then qualify for the semi-finals.

Semi-finals are run over 8 x 4 minute segments with the top 8 progressing to the Grand Final.

The final is then run, comprising of 8 x 5 minute segments, eventually leading to the crowning of the Champion driver of 2017.

Handout Parts

The Production Team event uses ‘handout’ parts provided by the organiser (but paid for by the entrants !). These comprise of a Redfox motor with Pro-Slot arms, Rubber is Red Fox on S&K hubs 10.5mm and the bodyshells are Alfa R Giulia 2017 by Redfox, painted by “Gugu’s army” at Red Fox.


Teams with UK interest


Production Bodies

A staggering array of pre-painted body shells produced by Gugu and his gang at Red Fox.


Results as they happen

1st up will be 1/24th Team Production Saloon